Free Beer!

Free Beer!America needs jobs.  Sadly, the total PRA economy imports far more than it exports.  Many of the consumer goods that used to be made in American sweatshops are now produced in developing nations. One product that might best represent the reasons for the deterioration in the job market is beer.  Fifty years ago, most all of the beer consumed in the "United States" was brewed and bottled by American companies. (Remember Hamm's?  Olympia?)  Then, the market got invaded by foreign beers and connoisseurs flocked to them.  Comments such as "I've tried all the cheap beers, now I'm working on the expensive ones" were overheard at bars all across the nation. As the infrastructure continued its ever-steepening decline, international investors bought controlling interests in the largest American brewers making buying Bud Light now the moral equivalent of purchasing the much-maligned "foreign car" in the Eighties.

To help us put our citizens back to work, any brewery that is within the borders of one of our ten sectors, will accept work credits from American workers in exchange for beer.  It will work much like the current Earned Income Credit system.  Workers at the lowest-paying jobs will receive a high percentage (.035 of net pay) of their wages in an additional stipend, work credits,  that can be used to purchase American beer.  The highest paid workers will receive no government help with beer purchases. Microbreweries will benefit the most from this system, but any brewery which currently brews less that one percent of the market would be eligible, provided documentation proves there is exclusively American ownership.

The Alaskan Brewing Company and Primo beer would not currently be eligible, but a graduated system is under consideration.  

Those who are on SSDI, welfare, or unemployment, will pay a substantial surcharge on beer purchases.  One really shouldn't be drinking much beer if one is in one of those worker categories.  Taxation is doing the same thing for cigarettes, but that will get worse, and the soda taxes are in the works.  Of course, marijuana will allow us another revenue stream that is now untapped.

Government regulatory agencies will help stimulate the economy by making life miserable for Miller and Anheuser-Busch as they are now owned by non-American interests.  This will be done in much the same way as Toyota has been dealt with since we nationalized General Motors.

Workers who don't drink beer can redeem their work credits for luxury towels.  The factory producing the towels is to be located in Dixie.  At some future date, it is possible that other specific goods may be procured with work credits.  While work credits are transferrable, anyone using work credits to provide beer to a non-working citizen will be punished.